Layaway Fee



Please only add this order if you have messaged Fabric Hens through, or through the facebook page, and discussed layaway beforehand. Approval is on a case by case basis. If you place an order with this selected without contacting Fabric Hens first, it will be cancelled.


Information about Layaway

  1. Please make an order through the website, and select E-transfer as your payment type (do not make a payment at this time)
  2. Order will come through to Fabric Hens, and I will look over the order and send you a Paypal Invoice with your full order, a $5 layaway fee and shipping. There will be a minimum payment requirement of 50% of the total fabric purchase, plus the $5 layaway fee. This payment is due within 24 hours of invoice being sent.
  3. Balance payment is due 15 days after the closing date of the Preorder you are purchasing from. This payment will include the 50% balance of fabric owing, as well as your shipping fee.


If for some reason you are unable to meet the deadline for final payment, please reach out  through with your Layaway Invoice number in the subject line of your email. I am a very understanding person, but do not want to have to chase you down.

If you fail to pay the balance of your invoice as outlined above will take away the privilege of being allowed to use the layaway program in the future.

By not completing payment of the balance of your invoice as mentioned above, will result in loss of your initial payment.

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